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GLOCK 17 GEN 5. This is the best Glock because your fingers go anywhere they want since the finger grooves are not there. The ambidextrous slide stop lever makes it easy to release the slide whether you’re shooting left or right, making it the best so far. The rifling and the crown of the barrel were slightly modified for increased precision which can be used by anyone. This is the best handgun, it can be used for self-defense and target shooting. The Glock has an overall length of 202mm[7.95inches]. Overall with is 34mm[1.34inches]. The height including magazine is 139mm[ 5.37inches]

Glock 17 Gen 5 for Sale

Glock 17 gen 5 for sale. you can get your Glock from our online shop by just visiting our website Our online customer support makes it easier for all customers to navigate our website. we have the best and affordable Glocks and we offer free delivery to your preferred FFL. We make it easier for all customers to get their orders by providing FFL to those who do not have it. All packages are delivered overnight by DHL to your preferred FFL. Before you place an order, check your state rules on the purchase of firearms so as to avoid issues with delivery.

Product Specifications

Length [Overall] 220mm | 7.98 inches
Slide Length 186mm | 7.32 inches
Width [Overall] 34mm | 1.34 inches
Slide Width 25.5mm | 1.00 inches
Height Including Magazine 139mm | 5.47 inches
Line of sight [polymer] 165mm | 6.50 inches
Line of sight [Steel] 164mm | 6.46 inches
Line of sight [ GNS] 163mm | 6.42 inches
7 Trigger Distance 70 mm | 2.76 inches for GEN4/GEN5

When did Glock 17 Gen 5 come out?

Glock releases the second generation in 1986 with no rail and no finger groves which was no-frills by today’s standard. Glock went ahead to release the GEN 3 in 1998, GEN 4 in 2009, and GEN 5 in 2017. All three generations are still on market today.

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